Mag 182016

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an area of rapid growth and opportunity. Technical innovations in networks, sensors and applications, coupled with the advent of ‘smart machines’ have resulted in a huge diversity of devices generating all kinds of structured and unstructured data that needs to be processed somewhere. Collecting and understanding that data, combining it with other sources of information and putting it to good use can be achieved by using connectivity, analytical and cognitive services now available on the cloud, allowing development and deployment of solutions to be achieved faster and more efficiently than ever before.

This course is an entry level introduction to developing and deploying solutions for the Internet of Things. It will focus on capturing data from a trusted device and sending the data to a cloud platform where it can be exploited by the many services available. You will explore all the steps required to create a basic IoT solution using a popular device, the Raspberry Pi, and a trial version of the cloud-based IBM Watson IoT Platform.

reference: COURSERA and IBM

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Mag 152016

If you grew up in the ‘90s, chances are you have an old SNES controller lying around somewhere. Well, thanks to a recent project from CompSci Studio, it may be time to blow off the dust and transform it into a modern-day USB gamepad using Arduino.

By following the instructions detailed in the video below, you’ll be able to use the retro controller to play arcade games like Super Meat Boy and Fez on either your Mac or PC. To get started, you’ll need an Uno, five jumper cables, and a simple Arduino sketch that creates an HID compliant joystick out of the SNES device.

reference: blog

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Apr 062016

This Specialization will introduce you to the magic of 3D printing. Through a series of four cohesive courses and a hands-on capstone experience, you will acquire the knowledge, skills, and tools to turn your ideas into objects! This specialization has been developed by faculty experts from the Illinois MakerLab (the world’s first 3D printing lab in a Business School) along with industry experts from both Autodesk (a leading 3D software firm) and Ultimaker (a leading 3D hardware firm).

You will obtain a rich understanding of what 3D printing is, how 3D printers work, and how this new technology is being used by both individuals and firms to revolutionize our world. In addition, you will acquire a set of tangible skills that will enable you to create digital designs that you can transform into physical objects. These skills can be used to help you launch a career in the growing field of 3D printing, be the 3D printing expert in your current firm, or make the things you need.

reference: Coursera, 3D Printing Specialization created by University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Mar 162016

Una giornata dedicata a Genuino/Arduino e alla sua community nel mondo!

Il Treviso Arduino User Group anche quest’anno festeggia, al FabLab Castelfranco Veneto, la scheda open source nata in Italia ma diffusa in tutto il pianeta dei makers.

Cos’è il Genuino Day?
Il Genuino Day è una manifestazione mondiale nata per festeggiare il compleanno di Arduino. È un evento dove le persone che sono interessate a Arduino possono incontrarsi, condividere le esperienze ed imparare.

Cosa puoi fare durante il Genuino Day?
Non importa essere un esperto o un neofita, un ingegnere o un designer: Genuino Day è aperto a tutti coloro che vogliono celebrare Arduino e tutte le cose che sono state create (o verranno create) con lui!

via Sile 24, FabLab Castelfranco Veneto
31033 Castelfranco Veneto (Italy)
Google Maps

Sabato 2 Aprile dalle ore 14:30 alle ore 18:30

Genuino Day al FabLab Castelfranco Veneto ha l’obiettivo di diventare momento di incontro per appassionati, e pro, ma anche aziende e istituzioni e un punto di partenza per la condivisione di conoscenze e strumenti di innovazione tecnologica.

Il programma curato dal Treviso Arduino User Group prevede stampanti 3D, multicotteri, esposizioni di progetti realizzati dai soci del gruppo, tanta condivisione e presentazioni tra cui:

  • Introduzione a Arduino.
  • Genuino 101: la nuova board sviluppata in collaborazione con Intel.
  • Arduino Create: scopri il nuovo Arduino Web Editor con cui potrai caricare i tuoi sketch su qualsiasi board direttamente da un browser!

Click and register, it’s free: Eventbrite, Genuino Day 2016


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